Welcome to the National Tennis Association’s Norfolk Performance programme. We are proudly offering the oppourtunity to individuals who support the needs of aspiring young players in the U8, U9, U10 and 11+ age groups. As an initiative supported by the National Tennis Association, we are committed to providing a holistic platform that nurtures and supports the development of talented young athletes.

At our academy programme, we firmly believe in the power of 360 athlete approach to training and development. We understand that success on the tennis court goes beyond technical skills alone. That’s why we have designed a comprehensive programme that addresses the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of young players’ growth, creating a solid foundation for their tennis journey.

Our commitment to holistic development extends beyond the court. We also recognise the importance of character building, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Our programme instills essential values such as discipline, respect, and resilience, fostering an environment where young players can thrive both as athletes and individuals.

Our experienced coaching team is passionate about guiding and inspiring young athletes to reach their full potential. With their expertise and dedication, they provide personalised training sessions, tailored to each player’s unique needs and abilities. Through a combination of technical instruction, tactical guidance, and physical conditioning, we aim to cultivate well-rounded players who can excel in all areas of the game.

Our current futures academy and 11+ academy players have made monumental strides in their tennis and athletic development by committing to the two/ three squads per week plus private sessions.

We currently have players in the programme who are represent Norfolk in the county teams at U8, U9 and U10 as well as players winning G6, G5, G4 and G3 events. We will be guiding more players down the route of regional tournaments and national tour such as Grade 3 and Grade 2 events in which some our our Futures academy players have qualified for the main draw with their current national ranking.


We operate on a 3 tiered structure of the ACES Pathway, Futures Academy and 11+ Academy where we select our highest performing players from each group to access performance squad training.


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(Stage 2) Futures Academy

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(Stage 3) 11+ Academy

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Our training sessions incorporate age-appropriate drills, match simulations, and friendly competitions, all designed to challenge and inspire our young athletes. Whether you’re just starting your tennis journey in our ACES pathway or want to take your tennis to the next level and commit to the NTA Performance Programme is here to support you every step of the way. We invite you to explore our website, discover the range of services and resources we offer, and join us in creating a future generation of tennis champions.

Contact us:

Performance Manager: Ben@nationaltennis.org.uk

Phone: 02081522684