Our Futures programme offers aspiring junior tennis players the opportunity to train multiple times a week in a performance-based environment with like minded others for 47 weeks of the year. The Futures programme is the next level up from the ACES pathway and is very specific with player selection as we are looking for committed players and families who would like to be involved in competitive tennis. We currently only offer 12 places for Red (U8), Orange (U9) and Green (U10). We focus on building players technical, tactical and mental skills to be prepared for our 11+ Academy. Players who are interested to be part of the Futures have to apply or be selected from the ACES pathway as there are limited spaces in the performance programme, this is because we value a lower coach top player ratio and want to spend more time with each individual and maximise their potential in the game.

We deliver the Futures Academy programmes at two venues:

  • City of Norwich School
  • Sportspark UEA

The NTA Futures structure is striving for for the most effective ways to improve performance from our U8/ U9/ U10 programmes, we have the vision to go beyond these age categories and support until 18+. Our coaching team is developing all the time and our intentions are to grow and improve the quality of training at every stage.

The coaching team is Ben Collingwood, Nicky Crawley, Alex Watkinson with guest pro-players supporting our coaching sessions. The FUTURES coaches have all been specifically trained to work with performance/competition level players who compete at county, regional and national events and they have also have vast experience of the performance player journey from their own perspective and journeys. We advise our players and parents to utilise the coaches as much as possible to assist in the player journey, especially the U8-U10 age groups to maximise their training and competition schedules.

How are our current Futures Academy Players getting on?

Our current futures programme and 11+ academy players have made monumental strides in their tennis and athletic development by committing to the two/ three squads per week plus private sessions. We currently have players in the programme who are represent Norfolk in the county teams at U8, U9 and U10 as well as players winning G6, G5, G4 and G3 events. We will be guiding more players down the route of regional and national tournaments such as Grade 3 and Grade 2 events in which some our our Futures academy players have qualified for the main draw with their current national ranking.

What’s Offered at the Futures Academy?

Our Futures Academy offers 3 packages which are all individualised at U8/ U9/U10 to the age and stage of each squad.

The programme we are offer a package deal which includes:

  • Subscription to Academy Squad Sessions
  • Subscription to Individual Player Development Sessions *(U8 + U9 only)
  • Tournament Scheduling and Coach Attendance 
  • Individual Parent/ Player Review Meetings
  • Squad Player Development Planner
  • Individual Player Booklet

Applications are open for the 2023/2024 academy programme at each age group, if you would like to learn more please contact us.

Email: Ben@nationaltennis.org.uk

Phone: 02081522684