Looking for something new for your child? Both on and off the tennis court, LTA Youth Start can allow kids achieve their full potential.

This is a modern method of tennis coaching.

Forget about waiting in line to hit a forehand. LTA Youth Start offers dynamic sessions that catered to all skill levels.

We want to inspire kids to play tennis and stay active throughout their life. Youth Start is perfect for  children between the ages of 4 and 10!

We’re launching new LTA Youth Start courses starting in April and you can register for a 6x week course which comes with free kit.

Everyone is catered to in these energetic programmes, so no one is left behind and every session is focussed on fun and keeping moving!

£29.99 (+£5 P&P) gets you:

  • Six top-class tennis sessions with specially trained coaches
  • A tennis racket and set of balls
  • A branded t-shirt
  • Activity cards, a lanyard, stickers and a certificate (provided by the coach)

Find your LTA Youth Start course!